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Elogen is selected to equip the SmartQuart project led by E.ON in Germany.

Elogen announces that it has been selected by E.ON, as part of the SmartQuart project, for the supply of a 1MW electrolyser, a transformer and a compression unit. The partnership also provides for the R&D development of a hydrogen purification unit.

Elogen announces the signing of a contract with the German energy company E.ON, as part of its major SmartQuart project.
As part of this new partnership, Elogen will supply E.ON with a 1MW containerized electrolyser with a production capacity of 200 m3 of hydrogen per hour. The electrolyser will be equipped with a transformer and a compression unit. The integration of these equipments will allow the electrolyser to reach an unequaled level of efficiency and will enable it to produce hydrogen for multiple uses.

The electrolyser will be delivered to the Kaisersesch site in Germany and commissioned in the second half of 2022.