Elogen has deep expertise in industry. We know that industrial applications demand compliance with the highest safety requirements, as well as with all current codes and standards. What’s more, in industrial settings, hydrogen must be efficiently produced and available at all times.

Elogen supplies PEM electrolysis systems that deliver ultra-high performance in terms of both energy conversion efficiency and feasibility. Working with solid, experienced partners, we provide customised multi-megawatt hydrogen production plants to meet the needs of our industrial customers.

Our up to 5 MW containerised electrolysers are reliable and easy to move around. Because they are modular, they can be combined to suit the customer’s requirements and create higher capacity installations.

We also design large-scale electrolysis plants with capacities in the tens, and even hundreds, of megawatts. We will be able to build these plants as of 2023 thanks to the large stacks currently under development at Elogen.

Case Study
Enertrag project
Elogen technology for large scale industrial solutions.

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