Elogen’s PEM electrolysers produce green hydrogen to supply vehicle fleets at a very competitive cost.
We offer centralised or on-site production, near your hydrogen filling station.

Our electrolysis systems offer considerable advantages in terms of:
• Hydrogen purity (99.999%) and compatibility with mobile fuel cell applications.
• High pressure hydrogen output, which saves energy and lowers costs in downstream compression.
• Production unit availability and secure hydrogen supply, with maintenance services included.
• Flexibility and modularity to meet your specific hydrogen needs.
• The most stringent safety requirements for system design and installation monitoring.
• Turnkey containerised solutions with a small footprint.

Case Study
In Northern Ireland, we are working with electricity provider Energia to connect an Elogen electrolyser to an existing wind farm. In this way, hydrogen production will require less energy. Elogen will then compress the hydrogen, which will be used to supply buses in Belfast.

Do you want to start a hydrogen project?

Our experts are available to study your needs and develop your hydrogen project with you.
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