Our Vision

Our Conviction

Technology will be the key to industrial-scale production of carbon-free hydrogen.

• Hydrogen will play a critical role in the energy transition.
• Hydrogen will be crucial in decarbonising numerous highly polluting sectors, such as heavy industry, mobility and power generation.
• Very substantial R&D will be required to scale up efficiently and competitively.
• The difference will come from technological solutions that can manage the inherent intermittency of renewables, handle power peaks, reduce maintenance costs and shrink installation footprint.
• Elogen leverages powerful R&D and scalable cutting-edge technologies to provide customers with competitive, reliable systems tailored to their specific needs.

Our Ambition

Elogen’s ambition is to support the expansion of green hydrogen.

Our three priorities:
• Develop our R&D.
• Diversify our technologies to produce larger electrolysers.
• Accelerate industrialisation and production, with initial ramp up in 2021.