Green hydrogen is the key to decarbonising the petrochemicals industry, urban heating and transportation, all of which traditionally depend on natural gas and oil.

Elogen’s expertise supports the construction of infrastructure that will help these sectors achieve carbon neutrality. Our PEM electrolysers are an integral part of power-to-gas plants.

Case Study
The GrHyd project
As part of the GrHyd project led by ENGIE in France, we have demonstrated that PEM technology is effective and offers excellent production flexibility.

Case Study
The MéthyCentre project
In the MéthyCentre project led by Storengy in France, hydrogen produced using Elogen's PEM electrolyser will be combined with CO2 to make synthetic methane. PEM electrolysis produces high-purity hydrogen, a prerequisite to methanation.

Case Study
The SmartQuart project
In the German SmartQuart project led by E.ON, Elogen is providing a power-to-gas plant to produce green hydrogen in order to enable the deployment of a district-sized autonomous energy ecosystem based entirely on hydrogen.

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